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Myrtle Beach family photo gallery

Here are some samples of family beach portraits in Myrtle Beach. There are several locations to choose from when picking a spot for taking your family pictures on the beach. Click this link for our family beach portraits packages.


There are many different locations that are great for taking family photos on the beach. Here are just a few that we recommend.

Residential areas

Residential areas are great for taking photos for many reasons. There is less foot traffic, which means little to no photo bombers.  Nobody likes random people walking on the beach in the background of their photos. Furthermore, there is a less likely chance someone will walk up to your group and try to get in your photos in these areas.

Private piers

You want your family pictures taken by or under the pier? Well, so does everyone else. The trick is to find one that is not very well known.  Sea Cabin Pier is a great example. This particular pier (located in Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach) is in a private area not many tourist know about. Although you may not be able to venture out onto the pier, it’s still a great place to take pictures underneath or beside.

State Parks and Gardens

Myrtle Beach State Park is another place to take some stunning photos. That’s assuming you are willing to share it with everyone else and pay the $7 per person fee that goes along with entering the park. Vereen Memorial Garden is a beautiful park with over 50 locations to take pictures. Located in Little River, SC, this particular garden is connected to the inter-coastal waterway. Furthermore, the garden has 3 different landscapes to choose from. The marsh, which has large wooden boardwalks that extend all over. The forest, Which has many picnic tables scattered throughout it. Finally the beach, better wear shoes to this location because the beach is entirely made out of oister shells.

These are just a few locations to choose from. Check out our beach photo gallery to get a glimpse of what some of these areas look like.

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