Family portraits in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach family photography

Myrtle Beach Family photography

We specialize in family portraits in Myrtle Beach. Luxury Beach portraits at unbeatable professional rates. In addition, there are no sitting fees for any photography sessions in Myrtle Beach. We provide a fun, safe environment for your family pictures. Family beach portraits are a tradition for many families on summer vacation. Likewise, Myrtle beach provides a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor studio. Furthermore, the natural lighting on the beach is perfect for photography.

Family portraits in Myrtle Beach

How to schedule a photo session

Booking your family beach portrait session is very simple. Likewise, our package has no sitting fees, or fine print to worry about. Your experience in Myrtle Beach is a memory shared for all your family. Notwithstanding, we realize how important your family beach pictures are to you. Our job is to make your pictures stand the test of time.  We treat every family like our own family here in Myrtle Beach. Feel free to call us at 1-843-685-3898

What to expect from a family photo session

The photo session is always fun, exciting, not to mention a memory for your family. We want to be a part of that memory today, as well as forever. The booking is very easy, and only takes 5 to 10 minutes. The photo session for large families, or reunions begins with the whole family. Then we select the immediate family, couples, children, and individuals. Equally, we also include candid shots should time permit.

choosing a package for family beach portraits

You may ask which package is best for your family? Although you may want more time, sometimes it isn’t needed. We want to make sure you get exactly what you want for family portraits in Myrtle Beach. Our customer service is 5 star Google rated.The booking agent will gather information from you, and help you determine the right fit. Of course you may also want to check out our packages by clicking here.  

Luxury Family Photography

Luxury Family Photography

 Family Photography

Thomas Wayne Photography specializes in family photography for the entire Grand Strand, including Myrtle Beach. We offer luxury beach photography at unbeatable professional rates! Our licensed professional photographers are trained to work with all age groups, including small children. 

Luxury Family Photography
Precious moments such as this one only last for so long!

What is luxury Family Photography?

What is “luxury family photography”? Simply put, luxury family photography isn’t about the price, rather it’s about the experience. When you come to Myrtle Beach for vacation we understand you’re only here for a limited time. Therefore, it is our goal to provide a fun, comfortable, and delightful family photo session. We have made it as convenient for you as possible to have your family portraits taken while you’re on vacation here in beautiful Myrtle Beach.

How to book a session

Booking a session with Thomas Wayne Photography is easy! Check out our website to get a general idea of what you are looking for. Then give us a call! We will figure out what will work best for you. Planning to book a wedding? No problem, we have everything you could need! We have chairs, arches, photographers, officiants, and all of the little things in between.  

What to avoid

You may find yourself asking, What is good for pictures on the beach? Or, What should I bring to my session? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few things to avoid when planning your session.

Don’t wear any neon colors! Everyone loves to wear bright colors to the beach, but wearing these colors actually have a negative impact on the pictures. Always stay neutral when picking colors to wear to your session.

Should I bring anything? It is always recommended to bring a towel on your session, especially if you have children.  You never know when your child might get just a little too close to the water.

What about props? Always ask your photographer if it is okay to bring certain props.  Props are usually great for pictures but do you really want to bring your child’s toy box to the beach? The answer is no, we want everyone’s full attention when at the session. Distracted kids don’t want their picture taken.