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Family Beach Portraits in Myrtle Beach

Summertime is our favorite time of the year. Definitely, when all of the summer vacation people come out to our area. In brief to enjoy the Myrtle Beach area, and have professional pictures done!! Myrtle Beach Photographers like us love the summer season. Especially, seeing our old friends come back to see us again. Not to mention making some new friends as well. Beach portraits are a part of the Myrtle Beach tradition. It’s a memory of what a great time everyone had. Together with a piece of history to share with our friends, and loved ones. Beach Portraits in Myrtle Beach will always play a part in the typical family vacation. Of course we are here to let everyone know that we welcome you to Myrtle Beach!

Popular spots in Myrtle Beach for family portraits

Beautiful family photography in Myrtle Beach | portraits in studio or outdoors | Thomas Wayne Photography

Thomas Wayne Photography | December 13, 2016

Family photography in beautiful Myrtle Beach

Millions of families visit Myrtle Beach for vacation in the summer, and some in the winter too. We are here to serve our clients with the best customer service, and the most talented photographers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We are Myrtle Beach family photographers, and we also specialize in weddings in Myrtle Beach.
Thomas Wayne Photography has a long history of delivering priceless photos at the actual rate that photography should be. One trip to our website, and you’ll see why this is the best place to have your family beach portraits captured!

Our beach portraits packages far exceed our competition. Our professional photographers know this beach like the back of their hands. Nobody delivers the quality like Thomas Wayne Photography. We promise once you check out our website,and call us, you will book your beach photography appointment with us.

Small family on the beach posing techniques
Sisters getting their picture taken on the beach.
Photographing large families on the beach.
Posing ideas for brother & sister
Small children posing for family beach portraits.
Pre-sunset pictures with small families
Sunrise picture in Myrtle Beach
Bring your friends to the beach for vacation
Popular spots in Myrtle Beach for family portraits
Memories of your beach vacation with your friends
Engagement Photography in Myrtle Beach
Precious memories in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Locations of family beach portraits in Horry County
FAMILY VACATION PHOTOS during the daytime
Family reunion posing suggestions in Myrtle Beach
Sunrise family beach portraits in Myrtle Beach
The sand dunes in Myrtle Beach, SC
The best time of day for family pictures in North Myrtle Myrtle Beach
Photographers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We are Myrtle Beach family photographers.




Family Photographers in Myrtle Beach

Thomas Wayne Photography

September 21, 2016

It’s another beautiful day at the beach for the Wright family who had their vacation family beach pics serviced by our staff at Thomas Wayne Photography .

Family photography in Myrtle Beach has been a tradition for millions of families who come to the area every summer. Having pics done on the beach is far different than having them done in a stuffy studio.  The sun is shining, and the wind is blowing, and you are in front of the world’s greatest natural backdrops.

Your children will only be this young for so long!

Myrtle beach has some of the best locations for family pictures.
Wouldn’t it be nice to feel how soft the sand is between your toes?
Myrtle Beach brings you the best backdrops for family photography!
We capture every moment, even when your not expecting us to.

Myrtle Beach Family Photographer

Myrtle Beach Family Photographer

Myrtle Beach Photographers
Myrtle Beach Photographers

Thomas Wayne Photography has the best family photography packages in Myrtle Beach. Why go anywhere else? Affordable? Yes. Cheap? No.

For only $199 you get unlimited pics for 15 minutes, $249 get you 30 minutes, and an hour is $349. (add 50.00 for 8-14 guests, and 100.00 for 15-20 guests.) So what is included? Unlimited pics, poses, and any combination of your guests. You get a hi-def “Digital download link”, and copyright release (unlike our competition that provides a lo-def cd)and the website access with your own password! Thomas Wayne is one of the most talented photographers in Myrtle Beach. Yes we have some of the best rates, but yes we also have the best photographers at the beach

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Myrtle Beach Photography

Affordable family photos

Myrtle Beach photographer “Thomas Wayne” is proud to announce an incredible package for Myrtle Beach family photography. only $199 for 30 minutes of unlimited pics, and all retouched. Plus you get the best of digital download, and the disc!! Wow!! If that wasn’t enough, you will also receive the copyright release!


Myrtle Beach photography

family pictures on the beach


$375 Beach portraits special

The $375 beach portraits special consists of 60 minutes of unlimited poses, and pictures. In addition, you also get access to our digital hosting site where you can download all of your pictures to any device connected to the internet! Furthermore, you get the copyrights to all of your pictures. A $1200.00 value for only $375 !!(1-7 people)(8-14 people $425)(15-20 people $475)
Nobody does it better!!

the $375 Beach Portraits Special
This could be your family in front of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean!

Service area

Thomas Wayne Photography services the entire Grand Strand. From as far south as Huntington beach South Carolina. To as far north as Ocean Isle Beach! The $375 beach portraits special is just one of our many packages. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of photo sessions. Coming to Myrtle Beach? Now is a better time then any to have your pictures taken. 


Sunrise picture in Myrtle Beach

The $199 beach portraits special

$199 beach portraits special, What is included

What is included in the $199 beach portraits special? This is the ultimate quick photo session you could ever dream of! The package is 15 mins. of unlimited non-stop pictures, poses and even outfit changes! You get all of your pictures and the copyrights for them. But it doesn’t stop there, you also have access to our digital hosting site where all of your pictures can be downloaded to any device connected to the internet! Your pictures stay on the site for 5 years so you don’t have to worry about misplacing any of your precious  family photos. Furthermore, we also retouch the pictures to ensure you get the best quality of pictures possible!

(this package is only available for groups of 7 people or less)

Sunrise picture in Myrtle Beach
When was the last time you had your pictures taken?

Myrtle Beach wedding photography

Myrtle Beach photography

Myrtle Beach wedding photography
Ah, nothing beats a sunny beach on your wedding day for photography. Myrtle Beach offers beautiful scenery for your wedding photos.
We have several wedding packages to choose from. We can also build you a custom wedding package to fit any budget.
That being said Myrtle Beach Portraits offers layaway plans, and no-credit pay options, so you can rest assure you get high quality wedding photography that you can afford. Dont risk your lifetime wedding photos on a fly-by-night amateur wedding photographer, or someone trying to use you for a guinea pig to build their portfolio. Trust a company that has been around for awhile, and is recognized by Google.