Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

Are you looking for a photographer to take your engagement photos? Look no further, Thomas Wayne Photography is the best! Whether you are already engaged or planning to propose you need pictures to capture the short time you will call your significant other fiancé! We work with you to provide excellent photography no matter the situation!

Engagement Photography
capturing those moments you will never forget!

 Already engaged?

If your already engaged and wanting to get photos taken, we’ve got you covered! There are plenty of locations along the Grand Strand to take stunning engagement photos. All you have to do is contact us and the rest is easy! We will recommend locations close to where your staying and you choose which one you like best. Furthermore, you get all of the pictures! Unlike other companies that lead you on and offer “premium” deals that leave you with maybe 25 pictures, everything is included! Non stop pictures for the amount of time you purchase. In addition, we offer Unlimited poses and we even offer outfit changes! All bundled up in one package. But how much is it? That depends on how much time you want with the photographer. The only way to find out is to give us a call.

Planning to propose?

You’re planning to propose but you can’t seem to find a way to do so? Why not propose on the beach! There are many ways to do so. First on our list of ways to pop the question is to act like you are booking a family session. As an illustration,  you, your significant other and your families head to Myrtle Beach for vacation. You have the idea to get “family pictures” taken on the beach. Everyone is there and halfway through the session you turn to kneel and the photographer is all set up and snapping pictures!

Alternatively, here’s another way to secretly have engagement photos taken. Picture you and her walking down the beach. You point to the ocean and say, “Look a dolphin”. That is the signal for the photographer, who will be using their telephoto lens zooms in to capture the moment from over 50 yards away! you kneel, ask the question and its done. Or is it? The photographer walks up with a secondary lens and captures the look on her face when she realizes you planned this and photos were being taken the whole time! Engagement Photography at its finest!

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